Walker Jones Building Survey (With or Without Valuation)

A ‘Walker Jones Building Survey with Valuation‘ or ‘Walker Jones Building Survey without Valuation‘ is suitable for most types of property and is more comprehensive than a ‘Walker Jones Homebuyer Property Survey with or without Valuation‘.

The Report gives a more detailed view of construction and condition and includes a list of essential or significant repairs/issues which we consider may influence the value of the property. In our Building Surveys we include an estimate of a contingency figure a purchaser should anticipate in purchase decisions on account of defects and issues identified in the report. Clients like to have overall cost estimate advice and how such costs may impact on value.

A ‘Walker Jones Building Survey with Valuation‘ or ‘Walker Jones Building Survey without Valuation‘ can be undertaken on most types of property including dilapidated or complex premises.

The purpose of either Report is to enable a client to come to a considered judgment as to the wisdom of a purchase. Minor defects (e.g. broken window catches) may not be mentioned unless these are likely to influence value.

The Report can be tailored to a client’s particular needs and is in an easy-to-read format avoiding unnecessary technical language.


We are a Member Firm of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who outline three levels of Survey service that RICS Members regularly offer (Levels 1, 2 & 3). Members are however able to market their own survey products which may vary in format, scope and content to take account of Client requirements. Firms carry out different formats of reports at each level (Level 1, 2 or 3). The ‘Walker Jones Building Survey with Valuation‘ or ‘Walker Jones Building Survey without Valuation’ are most closely related to the ‘Level 3’ of the RICS outline but (by client demand) we omit some elements but include other elements. We do NOT report on or inspect service pipes/cables OUTSIDE the dwelling nor do we advise on compliance with any appropriate regulations and we do not switch-on or operate heating appliances or test showers but we will operate taps and WC’s if possible. By Client demand we DO use longer inspection ladders (4m instead of 3m) and unlike most ‘Level 3’ surveys we can include a valuation if the ‘Walker Jones Building Survey with Valuation‘ is chosen. We also comment on how overall costs of repairs may impact on value and future re-sale potential.


1) A ‘Walker Jones Building Survey with Valuation‘ or ‘Walker Jones Building Survey without Valuation‘ can be carried out and ‘tailored’ to any property including traditional residential and/or part-residential/part-commercial property (such as a shop with living accommodation). Such a report can cover any size, type, style or value and can be designed to take account of the Client’s particular needs.

2) The inspection will be carried out by a qualified and experienced Chartered Surveyor who will, in the Report, give an opinion on the overall condition of the property based on an initial surface inspection of parts which are readily visible, accessible and unobscured. The Surveyor must take care not to damage the property during the inspection which will encompass (where accessible) roof voids, under-floor areas and the lifting of manhole covers. However, no furniture or other goods will be moved and floor coverings will only be disturbed (where practicable and unfixed) at accessible edges/corners, simply sufficiently to gain an overall general opinion of the surface beneath. The full length of timbers or other parts will not be inspected in minute detail and no part of the property will be forced or laid open to make it accessible. Foundations, wall ties and covered woodwork will not be inspected nor will insulation be disturbed or floorboards lifted. The Report cannot be regarded as a guarantee that all defects affecting a property have been discovered.

3) The main inspection will relate to the residential/dwelling part of the property. If there are outbuildings these are only inspected to the extent of gaining an overall general opinion and are not given detailed analysis or comments in the Report. Temporary structures or specialist leisure facilities, such as swimming pools are excluded and if there are extensive grounds then these will not be inspected. No site investigations or environmental survey will be carried out and we can give no assurance that the property is unaffected by mineral extraction, landfill or noxious substances. No Asbestos Survey will be undertaken. No EPC/Energy Performance Survey is undertaken.

4) A sectional ladder extending to a maximum of 4 metres in length will be used so parts of the property requiring longer ladders for full inspection may not be reported on. Tests for dampness will be carried out including by moisture meter and general site boundaries (as apparent) and environment factors will be commented on. Binoculars and other equipment may also be used. Services, including electricity, gas, water, drains and central heating will receive limited visual inspection internally (but not externally) and will not be tested. The Surveyor is not a specialist in these fields but the Report may recommend additional specialist tests if appropriate.

5) No enquiries will be made to obtain authoritative information from Local and Statutory Authorities concerning such matters as Planning, proposed road widening, charges, sewers or services. A Section of the Report will comment on enquiries recommended should be carried out by your Solicitor/Legal Adviser in the course of purchase.

6) The Report will (if instructed) include a valuation but the valuation is NOT for Mortgage Purposes and must not be relied on for such purposes by a Lender. Clients make decisions to purchase on factors such as value and likely costs of repair. Any valuation will be on a market value basis (unless otherwise agreed) on the standard definitions/assumptions as determined by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

7) The Surveyor will rely upon information provided by the Client or legal or other professional adviser and information provided by the Selling Estate Agents and/or provided by the Vendor. The Report is confidential to the Client. It may be disclosed to other professional advisers assisting the Client but must not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be disclosed or copied to a Seller/Vendor their Solicitor or Selling Agent.

8) We shall normally provide a list of what we consider to be essential repairs. We shall also endeavour to provide general guidance on a figure a purchaser should use as a contingency in any re-negotiation or purchase decision bearing in mind defects and issues identified. If a valuation is commissioned we will also give an opinion as to whether the proposed purchase price (where appropriate) is realistic.

9) Unless otherwise expressly agreed or stated we will assume that:-

a) the property is sold with vacant possession.

b) all required Planning Permissions, Statutory Approvals and Building Regulations in respect of use, any extensions or alterations have been obtained and complied with.

c) no damaging/hazardous materials/techniques have been used and that there is no contamination to the ground and is not landfilled.

d) the property is not subject to any unusual/especially onerous, restrictions, encumbrances or outgoings and has good title.

e) the property is unaffected by any matters revealed by a Local Search and replies to the usual pre-purchase Solicitor enquiries

f) inspection of those parts not inspected will not reveal material defects to cause the Surveyor to materially alter the valuation.

g) the property is connected to mains services and right to use those services on normal terms and that those service cables/pipes to the exterior of the dwelling comply with appropriate and statutory regulations.

h) sewers, services and roads giving access have been adopted.

i) in the case of newly constructed properties, the builder is a registered member of the NHBC or equivalent.