Walker Jones Expert Witness Reports

We are engaged by major National and Regional Law Firms, National Surveying Firms and on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service to act in the preparation of ‘Expert Witness Reports’ on property issues/disputes to assist the Court in dispute matters including negligence, boundary disputes and matrimonial settlement.

Peter Walker has been called to give Expert Witness Evidence in Court on many occasions over 3 decades often receiving commendations regarding his evidence from the Court. A memorable example concerns the case of Paratus v Countrywide Surveyors which is now an often referred to case on the issue of ‘contributory negligence’.

Features of Expert Witness Services

Reports Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

We are instructed by the National Crime Agency to to carry out reports on property issues etc.

Alleged Negligence

Reports to assist the Court where there is property dispute or alleged negligence on property related matters.


Reports to assist the Court in property related valuations in matters of Financial Settlement in Divorce/Matrimonial proceedings.


Reports to assist the Court in the valuation of property assets relating to the obtaining of Citizenship.