Walker Jones Chartered Surveyors Consultants Valuers

Walker Jones Chartered Surveyors have an extensive knowledge and experience of much of North & West Yorkshire, North Wales, Shropshire, West Cheshire and parts of the M62 corridor.

Our Fees are competitive and we provide a prompt and efficient service.

We are usually able to report on most types of Survey within 7-10 days. We offer a range of services; for further details see our ‘Services‘ page. Signed Reports are normally emailed 24-48 Hours after inspection. Expert Witness Reports require a longer reporting time, usually within 21-28 days.

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Best described in one word, “OUTSTANDING”. First class service, polite, professional an extremely comprehensive survey. Their experience is highlighted by the in-depth, clear & precise survey report that was prepared, emailed and posted during a bank holiday weekend. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Frequently Asked Questions

Walker Jones DO NOT have to charge VAT because fee income is kept below the VAT Registration threshold. As a result this makes our quoted fees even more competitive. The fee we quote is based on the information provided and (except under very exceptional circumstances) is the total price you pay; there are no hidden extras.

No the Fee quoted is the price you pay; there are no additional charges for travel time or for the job taking more time than initially envisaged. We will always try to honour the Fee quoted.

Yes this is a Service which because of popular demand we are happy to consider. Some surveyors do not offer this service, they feel it detracts and slows them down or they feel the client may be ‘scrutinising’ them. We encourage an accompanied inspection however because from ‘feedback’ clients find the interaction with the surveyor very helpful and informative. It is fair to say an accompanied inspection will take longer and we must obtain vendor and Agent permission, and our Client’s agreement to the restrictions imposed before we can accept instructions. We make a nominal fee from £150 for this Service.

We are happy to assist with general advice on your proposals in the Walker Jones Report but we cannot carry out any damage or invasive investigations. If we know of your proposals we can give some general view as to whether your proposals would be feasible and/or the obstacles to overcome. There is normally no additional charge.

No we do not carry out any testing. Our reports are part of the pre-purchase decision making process. Our reports include sections on Heating, Electrics, Gas, drainage but offer no detailed indications of condition (See description terms for each report type). However we give an overall opinion that may require you to have specialist tests undertaken if you decide to go to the next stage of purchase.

WALKER JONES are not associated with or connected in any way with any firms of Surveyors, Solicitors or Estate Agents or Financial Services Firms. Walker Jones are fiercely independent. We strive to have good working relationships with other property professionals but in the property ‘industry’ where money or finance is involved, it can be easy to become too ‘cosy’ with other firms or associated services such as Solicitors or Estate Agents. We have no association, arrangements or agreements monetary or otherwise with anyone else. This enables us together with our Christian ethics and the Rules & Regulations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to provide professional, unbiased, fair and ethical advice tailored to our Client requirements.

Walker Jones Building Survey (With or Without Valuation)

Normally within 7 days. Email Reports 24/48 Hours after inspection.

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Walker Jones Homebuyer Property Survey (With or Without Valuation)

Normally within 7 days. Email Reports 24/48 Hours after inspection.

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Walker Jones Expert Witness Reports

Normally 21/28 days. Email/Posted Reports available.

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Walker Jones Valuation Reports

Normally 48/72 hours. Email/Posted Reports available.

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